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Other Phenomena

In this section we will take a look at other invisible phenomena captured during my work with Quest for the Invisibles. This phenomena doesn't fit into any of the other categories already featured in the evidence review, but is nevertheless an important part of the bigger picture. I intend to add more infrared/ultraviolet photographs to this page as my investigations intensify, with the intention of building up a collection of this normally unseen footage.

Spirit Energy

In late September 2016 my cat Roy passed away after a long illness. He was only eight and a half years old at the time, but due to ongoing liver problems he had become painfully thin and began to go down hill quite rapidly near the end. He was originally one of my neighbour's cats, but after they moved away from the area he opted to stay with me, living a semi-feral existence in the small woodland area at the back of my garden. Over the years we became really close and built up a really unique relationship, and although I have had a few cats in my life he was just different in some way, and I felt a special bond and had an almost psychic connection with him.


After Roy passed away I decided to bury him in the garden near the edge of an old riverbank that runs through my property, a place he would often sit for hours and watch the world go by. I put a couple of stone slabs on top of the grave, and then placed a beautifully painted bronze painted statue of the Egyptian cat goddess Bast just in front of the gravestone. I would regularly go out to the grave site in the evenings with my infrared camera and sit there in complete darkness taking infrared photographs every now and then, hoping to capture some images of him as I was sure he was still around, albeit on another plane of existence.


Since Roy's death I have taken hundreds a of infrared photographs in the vicinity of the gravesite, and although I have captured a few things, the two photographs featured below in Figs: 2 and 3 are by far the most significant.

Fig: 1

Invisible spirit energy filmed in the infrared using 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 2

Fig: 1. My cat Roy. Fig: 2. This infrared photograph was taken September 21st 2016 at 6:46pm, in complete darkness with no flash, the location being Roy's grave site. The one second exposure shows two separate bursts of luminous invisible energy captured just above the grave using an infrared Canon G10 with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. The burst of energy on the left almost resembles a plant with flowering side stems and petals, looking uncannily similar in shape to the long stemmed daisies I picked from the garden earlier that day and then placed on top of Roy's grave.


Although it appears as though there are bushes and foliage in the photograph, these darker blurred areas are in fact faded energy trails, and a much closer inspection reveals a whole variety of strange shapes and repeated patterns within the image. Nothing was seen at the time of taking the shot, and it was quite a pleasant surprise when I realised just what I had captured in the photograph, especially as I had been asking Roy if he could give me a sign that he was still around. 

Invisible entity filmed in the infrared using a 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 3

Invisible entity filmed in infrared using a 720nm IR pass filter.


Fig: 3. This rather strange photograph was taken in complete darkness on October 8th 2016 at 8pm, and unlike most of my other infrared photographs it was taken using a programmed white balance instead of the automatic one, giving a purely black and white image. This 15 second exposure was again taken at the grave site of my cat Roy, which is positioned just behind a small bush next to the old river bank at one end of garden, and it shows luminous invisible energy shooting straight up from the grave and forming into a strange serpent-like entity that appears to have eyes, ears and a pointed snout. 


The camera was placed on a tripod about ten feet from the grave, while I sat on a chair just behind the camera continually taking photographs. In the end I took dozens and dozens of 15 second exposures that evening, but this was the only one that showed anything other than complete darkness. I am convinced that this is actually my cat Roy in a spiritual form, as this is the second photograph that I have taken showing invisible energy appearing to originate from the grave site, and yet again it happened while I was asking him for a sign that he was ok and still hanging around the garden.

Fig: 4. This shows a close-up of the regal looking entity, with it's shimmering scale-like features and long thin snout or bill, along with the collar-like effect that occurs at the point where the energy forms into the actual head shape.

Phantom Mist
Invisible mist captured in the infrared using a 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 5

Fig: 5. An invisible mist moves through the woods at my research area, illuminating everything in its midst, on April 16th 2016, at 8:58pm. This one second infrared exposure was the first of a handful of photographs taken in complete darkness, with no flash, as a result of a Geiger counter indication. It was captured using an infrared converted Canon G10 with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter, and the only light source in the photograph is the actual mist itself, which be seen trailing from the leaves and other vegetation, in a scene reminiscent of a wind tunnel experiment.


Nothing showed in the other photographs taken at this same location, except for complete darkness, and nothing was visible at the actual time of taking the shot. This photograph again provides us with more evidence of an invisible reality existing alongside us, unseen and unnoticed by most of mankind. Thanks to advances in photographic technology, the veil of invisibility that once separated these two very different worlds can now be lifted, offering us a tantalising glimpse into this hidden reality, and providing us with an opportunity to document its unique phenomena.

Low-Altitude Night-Time Manifestations

Fig: 6

Fig: 7

Fig: 8

Fig: 9

Fig: 6. This rather strange looking invisible form, that almost resembles a small winged being, was captured just above the treetops at my research area near Oxford on June 21st 2016 at 9:46pm. The 1/60th second exposure was taken using an infrared converted Canon G10 (with flash), and was one of well over a dozen photographs taken in quick succession after a spate of  Geiger counter alerts. Multiple shots were taken of the area just above the trees, but the object only appeared in the one photograph. In each case the camera's white balance was set to automatic, giving the photographs a slight reddish tint, due to the camera's sensors leaning towards the visible red that occurs just before the infrared. 


Figs: 7 - 9. Here we see three other low-altitude invisible anomalies, all captured above my garden on separate evenings between July 7th and September 14th 2017. In each case the G10's standard/non-infrared flash was used, and exposure time for the infrared photographs was 1/60th second.  All of the shots were taken as a result of Geiger counter indications.

Strange Daytime Invisible Form
Invisible Form     05-03-2019.jpg

Fig: 10

Invisible Form - Inverted.jpg

Fig: 11

Fig: 10 shows another strange invisible form, captured high above the trees at my research area near Oxford on March 5th 2019, at 2.41pm, after an overwhelming urge convinced me to start taking photographs. The object was photographed at 1/250th sec using an infrared converted Sony Nex 5N with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. Nothing was visible at the time of taking the shot, and the object only appeared in the one photograph of the several taken at the location.  Fig:11 shows an inverted version of the same photograph. 

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