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G.R.C.U. Evidence

The G.R.C.U. (Gruppo di Ricerche Clipeologiche ed Ufologiche) were an Italian UFO research group, based in Arenzano, Italy, and consisted of some 25 members. The group began their work in 1976, and along with CUN Prato and GORU La Spezia were the third Italian UFO research group to begin instrumental research into the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and amongst the first to capture biological UFOs direct from their invisible state. They were led by Luciano Boccone, who was also a member of CUN (Centro Ufologico Nazionale), Italy's major centre for UFO studies, as well as a contributor to CUN's official magazine, Notiziario UFO.

The GRCU used a wide range of standard, high quality scientific instruments such as Geiger radiation counters, precision magnetic compasses, temperature indicators, frequency measurements (electromagnetic and light), ultrasound and and ultraviolet detectors. They also used infrared, panchromatic, and colour films in sophisticated gun-cameras, and cameras fitted with focal distance doublers or telephoto lenses. Sometimes these cameras would be fitted with a 25A, an 87, or an 89 filter, although most photographs were taken with no filter.

Whenever the instruments warned of any sudden peaks in radioactivity and/or magnetic field, air, temperature or luminosity, photographs would immediately be taken in the same direction in which the variations were detected. This simple procedure allowed them to objectify and photograph a whole range of invisible phenomena, not just in the sky, but also at much lower altitude, as well as at ground level, both day and night.

GRCU - Luciano Boconne.jpg

GRCU president, Luciano Boccone, adjusting his Reich cloudbuster at the GRCU research area in Arenzano, Italy, in February 1980.

GRCU - La Realta Nascosta.jpg

UFO - La Realta Nascosta 

(UFO - The Hidden Reality)

The GRCU group obtained a large catalogue of extensive and detailed photographic evidence, documenting the presence of invisible plasmatic bio-forms, both in the sky, and at much lower altitude. In 1980 Boccone released the best of the GRCU evidence in his book UFO - La Realta Nascosta (UFO - The Hidden Reality), which was published in Italian only. This extremely rare publication also presents a whole range of photographic evidence gathered by not just the GRCU, but also from other sources including CUN Geneva, CUN Prato and Romanian researcher Professor Florin Gheorghitza. The 142 page A4 sized book contains around 200 photographs, both colour and black and white, showing invisible, glowing, pulsating plasmatic forms, as well as amoeba-like plasmoidal life-forms, capable of changing size, density, luminosity, arrangement and position in a split second.

GRCU - Plasmoidal Forms Genoa.jpg


GRCU - Plasmoids forming (40 sec exp) tr


Fig:1. The GRCU photographed this group of invisible plasmoidal bio-forms at their research base near Genoa, Italy, on a dark January night in 1981. The strange blue and white forms were originally captured using colour infrared film, after their presence was detected by multiple instruments including Geiger counters, as well as infrared and magnetic detectors. Dozens of mutually corroborative photographs were taken of this event using multiple cameras, and showing the multiple plasmoidal forms as they moved silently above the trees, and then began rolling down the hillside, skimming along the grass and among the researchers cars and equipment. This photograph did not appear in Boccone's book, UFO-La Realta Nascosta, although it was later published in the 2008 re-issue of Constable's book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life.

Fig:2 shows invisible plasmoidal bird-like forms seemingly manifesting from a ball of light. This 40 second exposure was taken by the GRCU in Arenzano, Italy on October 29th 1977, at 10.50pm, using black and white infrared film in combination with a 25A Vivitar infrared pass filter. The presence of these plasmoidal forms, which were some 40 metres away from the researchers when photographed, was objectified using a Geiger counter, as well as a magnetic compass which showed a magnetic deviation of 10-15 degrees south east per 10 minutes. This photograph is taken from Boccone's book, UFO - La Realta Nascosta. The GRCU would go onto photograph a wide range of similar night-time manifestations originating from balls of light, and other time-lapse photography shows a variety of plasmoidal bird-like invisible forms flying low in the sky above the town of Arenzano, Italy.

Multiple Photos - 3 countriesThree diffe

The photographic, instrumentally based documentation captured by both Boccone's GRCU group and Romanian researcher Florin Gheorghitza, positively confirms Constable's earlier photographic evidence, with many of the plasmoidal forms being practically identical in shape to the specimens captured by him and Dr. James Woods in the Mojave Desert, as well as at other locations. The fact that other researchers captured similar invisible plasmatic forms, independently of each other, and at different times and locations, not only in the USA, but also in Italy and Romania is very compelling evidence and strongly suggests that these entities are in fact real.

That these objects were also repeatedly picked up by multiple instrumental detections, including Geiger counters and magnetic compasses, prior to the actual infrared photographs being taken is also worthwhile evidence, as it provides both radiological and environmental confirmation of the simultaneous energy peaks accompanying the bio-forms presence.

In many instances the GRCU cameramen were able to simultaneously take dozens of corroborative infrared photographs, showing multiple interactive, life-like plasmoidal forms in significant detail, and from a number of different angles. This surely indicates that these entities are real, and unlikely to be artefacts produced within a single camera.

A more in-depth study of both the photographic methods and footage captured by Luciano Boccone and his Italian GRCU group can be found in Paper One of the two-part paper Positive Findings on Constable's Orgonotic Bio-Forms by Nik Hayes and Leon Southgate MSc, which is published online in the Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy. Further images taken from the GRCU's photographic record can also be found in the 2008 re-issue of Trevor James Constable's classic book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life.   

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