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Evidence Review

In this section we will look at some of the best photographic evidence obtained in past and ongoing Quest for the Invisibles investigations. This evidence is made up of infrared and ultraviolet photographs and video stills taken in both day and night-time situations, and covers some of the many different aspects of the hidden reality surrounding us. As my investigations intensify I will seek to present as much new evidence as I can to support the existence of invisible biological UFOs, invisible entities, invisible craft and other invisible phenomena, as well as revealing as much detail as I can about the techniques and equipment used. I will also put together some new videos containing any interesting camcorder footage that I capture, and this will be released on the Quest for the Invisibles (QFTI) You Tube channel.



Infrared converted - Canon G10 digital camera (with internal 720nm infrared pass filter)


Infrared converted - Sony Nex 5N digital camera (with internal 720nm infrared pass filter)


Full spectrum converted - Sony DVD-650 Handycam.

Full spectrum converted - Sony HDR-PJ620 Handycam.

ESP-IR Cam1000 - CCTV camera with 50 meter infrared illumination beam.

Standard - Casio Exilim digital camera.

Infrared / ultraviolet pass filters

X-Nite 715nm IR pass filter.

X-Nite 830nm IR pass filter.

X-Nite 330nm UV pass filter.

X-Nite UVR (IR/UV) pass filter.

Detection devices

Radex  RD1706 - Radiation detector (measures in micro Sieverts per hour) 

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