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Invisible Entities

As the darker nights of autumn 2016 began to set in, I began venturing out into the garden some evenings with my infrared camera and Geiger counter, with the hope that I could capture some new infrared footage. Shooting in complete darkness and without a flash, I concentrated on a small woodland area near the edge of an old river bank that runs straight through my property, taking shots only when I had an indication from the Geiger counter. The radiation threshold for the Geiger counter was set to 0.20 micro Sieverts per hour, a setting I have found to be very effective through constant use and experimentation. Generally the background radiation levels will sit somewhere between 0.09 and 0.10 micro Sieverts p/h, although I have noticed that it will occasionally register as high as 0.12 - 0.14 micro Sieverts p/h, particularly at night. Sudden peaks of 0.20 micro Sieverts p/h or more however are not caused by background radiation, but by inter-dimensional manifestations of energy in the form of entities, craft, and other invisible phenomena. 


On the evening of September 24th 2016 my patience was rewarded, and I managed to capture several interesting images after a string of Geiger counter indications. One of the infrared photographs appeared to show two small beings with antennae-like features (see Fig:3), while another consisted of two invisible light-trails that appear to be shooting straight up from ground right in front of me. One of these light-trails seems to contain the image of what looks like a small being, or maybe two, and head and arm-like features can just be made out (see Fig:2). This light-trail appears to be the product of the being's rapid movement as it shoots skyward, and then off diagonally in fast swooping motions. The exposure time for this photograph was one second, and despite the fact that this all happened right in front of me, I saw absolutely nothing, nor did I sense anything at the time.

Spurred on by this I began going out into the garden at every opportunity, slowly walking around taking random photographs every now and then, just to see what I could catch. It was around this time that I began to notice that the Geiger counter alarm would often go off when I was in the vicinity of the greenhouse, and I had also noticed that both of my dogs would often sit and stare in that direction for long periods of time, as if watching someone or something. I knew there had to be a reason for the sudden peaks in radiation levels indicated by the Geiger counter, so I decided to concentrate all my photographic efforts on the greenhouse and surrounding area, hoping I would eventually find out just what was going on.


Again my patience was rewarded, and on November 23rd I managed to capture an image showing a ghostly-looking entity standing in front of one of the greenhouse windows. It was a very dark photograph, with most of the visible light from the camera flash being absorbed by the camera's infrared pass filter, but despite this, the shoulders and head area of the entity could be made out. I continued with my investigations, and in the following weeks more images would follow, with each one looking noticeably different to the last. At the time of taking the photographs I was still around twenty feet or so from the greenhouse, and because it was so dark in that part of the garden I found it hard to keep the camera straight when taking the shot, and this is why some of the photographs are at a slight angle.

Invisible entity filmed in the infrared using 720nm IR pass filter.
IMG_7012 xx.jpg

Fig: 1 

IMG_7012 xx.jpg

Fig: 2

Small beings - IR.jpg

Fig: 3 

Fig: 1 shows two invisible light-trails, photographed as they shot straight up from the ground at phenomenal speed on September 24th 2016 at 7:05 pm. It was taken using an infrared converted Canon G10 with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter, and the exposure time for this infrared photograph which was taken in complete darkness was one second. The photograph was taken as a result of a Geiger counter alarm, indicating that radiation levels had reached the 0.20 micro Sievert p/h threshold I use for detection purposes. These sudden high peaks in radiation generally only last for a fraction of a second, so it is imperative to react as quickly as you can with the camera. Fig: 2 shows an enlargement of the light-trail on the right, which appears to contain a small imp-like being, and two eyes and a mouth can just be made out.

Fig: 3 shows two small invisible beings, and both with antennae-like features, captured using the infrared Canon G10, on the evening of September 24th 2016 at 18:55 pm. Again, the photograph was taken in complete darkness and without a flash, the location being the small wooded area at the edge of my garden. The entity on the left has noticeable facial features, reminding me of the elemental or nature spirits that are mentioned in folklore, while the being on the right hand side appears to have a more creature-like appearance. The exposure time for this photograph was one second, and it was taken immediately the Geiger counter indicated their presence.


Italian UFO research group, CUN Prato, also photographed invisible entities with similar antennae-like features, and in one photograph appearing in Luciano Boccone's book UFO: La Realta Nascosta, a group of these vaporous fire-like entities can be seen in various states of manifestation, with clear torso, neck, and facial features forming as they are illuminated by the photographer's infrared flash. 

The photographs below (Figs 4 - 7) show the first four entities that were photographed in the vicinity of the greenhouse windows during November/December 2016, and they were all taken using an infrared converted Canon G10 with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. Because I was still around twenty feet away from the greenhouse when the Geiger counter alarm went off and I took the shots, the actual images appear quite small, and as a result they have been slightly enlarged in order to try and show more detail. The photographs appear quite dark because the camera's infrared pass filter has absorbed most of the visible white light from the flash, leaving only a slight illumination coming from the visible red light that occurs just before the infrared. The entities all seem to be around four and a half feet tall, and all appear in the last two windows of the twelve foot by eight foot greenhouse. Exposure time for all of these infrared photographs was 1/60th second.

Invisible entity filmed in the infrared with 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 4

Invisible ET-like entity filmed in the infrared with 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 5

Invisible entity captured in the infrared using 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 6

Fig: 4 shows the first entity, captured on November 23rd at 7:16pm. The infrared photograph appears to show a man wearing a hat or perhaps a cap, as well as a dark almost military looking coat or uniform which has sharp collar features. This is a very dark photograph, and the only real light in the scene seems to be coming from the lantern-like object being held up by the entity, and this can be seen reflecting off the right side of his face, as well as in the greenhouse window. Because I was aiming quite far to the right of the greenhouse at the time of taking this photograph, the minimal amount of visible light passed by the camera's infrared pass filter has been reflected away from the greenhouse windows, unlike in Figs: 5, 6 and 7, where the camera was purposely aimed at the greenhouse windows in an effort to "light" up the greenhouse with the flash.


Fig: 5 shows the second entity, captured on December 2nd at 10:46pm, again in the end greenhouse window. This one has a more ET-like appearance, and neck, head and eye features can just about be made out. The reflection of the standard non-infrared camera flash can be seen in the window, appearing just above the shoulders of the entity. The infrared camera only sees a small amount of the total visible white light of the flash, however, this is still enough to to illuminate the entity and make it visible to the infrared camera.


Fig: 6 shows the third entity, captured on December 4th at 6:44pm. It was this photograph that made me wonder if the greenhouse windows were in fact a portal to other dimensions, as the whole image seems to appear above the physical windows of the greenhouse, almost touching the gutter that runs just above them. The window on the left has a thick white blind that is drawn almost half the way down, but yet the image still appears in that window, leading me to believe that the entities are actually "beyond" the windows, rather than behind them. The dark-looking entity seems to be holding  some type of an object up at the window, and under closer examination there appears to be something resembling a small cat-like creature on its lap or maybe in its other arm. Features can almost be made out on the main entity, in the area you would expect to find eyes, nose and mouth, and something that looks like a horn can be seen on its head, although it is not clear if this is a gap in the teeth of the snarling white faces with large black eyes that appear side by side just above it.

Invisible entity captured in the infrared using 720nm IR pass filter.

Fig: 7

Fig: 8

Fig: 7 shows the fourth entity, captured in the end greenhouse window on December 8th at 7:49pm, and again this one looks very different from the other three. It appears to have a noticeably large mouth or maybe teeth, and these can just be seen showing up in a lighter colour, and although it may seem as though the entity is wearing a tall hat, this is in fact a small metal sign that is hanging just in front of the window on the opposite side of the greenhouse.


Fig: 8 shows the greenhouse as it should appear when illuminated by the minimal light of the camera flash, and the only things that should be visible in the last two windows are the many different types of cacti that are sitting on a shelf running just underneath the opposite window. My investigation of the greenhouse are ongoing, and although I have managed to capture a few more images in the infrared, none of them have compared to these first four photographs. I have recently started filming at the greenhouse using multiple cameras and camcorders, as well as using my CCTV camera, which has a fifty meter infrared illumination beam, hoping this will lead to some clearer footage. I will keep you posted.

The photographs featured in this section can also be seen in the video Invisible Entities, which appears on the Quest for the Invisibles (QFTI) You Tube channel.

The Shadow Man

black figure main.jpg
black figure 2.jpg
black figure 3.jpg

Fig: 9

Fig: 9 shows a dark human-like invisible form, captured on the evening of June 26th 2017 at 10.39pm, whilst walking my dogs. The 1/8th second exposure was taken using an infrared converted Canon-G10 with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter, and the location was the main entrance to a creepy old derelict house which was undergoing restoration, just up the road from where I live near Oxford. Just as I was passing the entrance to the house I suddenly began to get a real uneasy feeling, and multiple Geiger counter indications convinced me to start taking infrared photographs in all directions, despite the fact that nothing was visible.


It was a really warm dark night, and the only real light in the scene was from a nearby street lamp which was just behind me, and this can be seen illuminating the house. Unusually, I took the series of photographs using one of the pre-set colour balances on the G10, instead of the normal programmed white-balance I normally use, giving the photo a slight violet colour. At the time of taking the photograph, all I saw was an an empty drive-way, so I was quite surprised when I noticed the image of the "shadow man" when reviewing the photographs. Nothing showed at all in any of the other infrared images taken at the location. 

Invisible Entities Manifesting During Oranur Experiments


Fig: 10

DSC08811 copy xxx monkey.jpg

Fig: 11

Fig: 10 shows a human-like invisible entity, captured as it manifested during Leon Southgate's oranur experiments, on December 26th 2017.  The photograph was taken on a standard digital camera, and was a 1.5 second exposure, taken with no flash. Leon is an academic orgone researcher, and also co-author of the two-part paper Positive Findings on Constable's Orgonotic Bio-forms.


The term Oranur, which means orgone against nuclear radioactivity, was a term coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich when he discovered a new type of energy, released when he exposed a highly concentrated orgone field to a small amount of radium in his 1951 oranur experiments. Orgone energy, or life-force energy, was first discovered by Dr. Reich during his work in the 1940s.


The fastest way to excite orgone is through radioactivity, but this can be achieved by other methods too, such as mechanical stimulation, or electric fields passed through concentrated orgone, and it is also believed that consciousness itself might well act as an exciting factor. The final exposure used by Southgate was approximately one thousandth of the strength of radioactivity originally used by Dr. Reich during his experiments, and various measurements were undertaken, from electrical to light reactions to thermal parameters, and the oranur effects were all strongly confirmed.


Fig: 11 shows a rather strange-looking entity manifesting during Southgate's experiment. The entity was again captured using a standard digital camera with no flash, although this time a 15 second exposure was used.

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