Invisible UFOs

Just as Trevor James Constable first stated in his 1958 book They Live in The Sky, the skies above us are full of invisible biological life-forms and other strange objects, moving silently and unnoticed through the atmosphere. Before reading Constable's books I had never even considered that UFOs might exist in the invisible, let alone that many of them might actually be alive. Like many, I was of the belief that they had to be ships from other planets which is the general hypothesis fed to us by the media, and it had never occurred to me that they could be anything other than this, but after reading Constable's books I became convinced that he was right.


I began filming in the infrared in early 2010 using an infrared converted Canon G10, and later in 2011 I also began probing the ultraviolet, using a "full spectrum" camcorder fitted with an X-Nite 330nm UV pass filter. Over the years I have filmed and photographed a whole assortment of different invisible life-forms moving above my research area, from the spinning fish-like forms I refer to as the "spinning jennys," and the paper-like "plasmatic gliders," right through to mushroom and jellyfish-like objects. Much of this footage appears in my book Quest for the Invisibles, as well as on the Quest for the Invisibles (QFTI) You Tube channel.


During my work I have also come across a whole host of invisible craft-like objects moving through our seemingly empty skies, and although many of them appear to be disc or V-shaped, it is not always clear if they are in fact some type of craft or actual biological life-forms, as many seem to have the ability to morph and change their appearance at will. These objects are not always invisible by any means, and in recent years some incredible footage of visible UFOs has appeared on You Tube. These UFOs, or anomalies as they are increasingly becoming known as, have been filmed all around the globe on standard cameras and camcorders, and in many cases they are summoned or "called in" by those wishing to photograph or film them.


A whole variety of these anomalous objects have been recorded, from dolphin and horse-like forms, right through to humanoid figures and moving formations of luminous pearl-like spheres. These morphing plasma-like entities seem to have the ability to mimic man-made objects such as balloons, blimps, and even plastic bags, in an effort to remain unnoticed as they move through the atmosphere. While most of these encounters generally start off at high altitude, many of these objects will often come much lower, sometimes remaining stationary right above the observer/observers for some time before eventually moving off skywards and then out of sight. There are now several You Tube channels dedicated to this type of phenomenon including the Anomalies Study Group, who have a whole range of videos available to view.

Invisible biological UFO filmed in the ultraviolet using an X-Nite 330nm UV pass filter.
Invisible biological UFO captured using an X-Nite 330nm UV pass filter.
Invisible biological UFO filmed in the ultraviolet usin an X-Nite 330nm UV pass filter.
Invisible biological UFO filmed using an X-Nite 330nm UV pass filter.




Figs: 1- 4.  Here we see four consecutive frames showing an invisible biological UFO moving at an incredible speed just above some rooftops near my research area. The footage was filmed at twenty five frames per second using a full spectrum Sony DVD650 Handycam, fitted with an X-Nite 330nm ultraviolet pass filter. The sun obliteration technique was employed, and the sun's rays can be seen lighting up some cobwebs on the edge of the roof. I have filmed similar objects to this one before in the ultraviolet, but this proved to be the best example by far as the life-form proceeded to turn around mid-flight, offering us the rare chance to view it from different angles, and also revealing the tube-like structures evident in Figs: 2 and 4. On this particular afternoon I decided to use a white balance I had already pre-set using a patch of lawn, instead of the automatic setting I normally use; this however, gave the sky a slight violet tint, as well as making the UFO appear milky white and almost transparent in places.

To view the actual live footage of this moving bio-form, which is taken from Paper Two of the two part paper Positive Findings on Constable's Orgonotic Bio-Forms...... please follow the link below.                                                                                                                                                                                   Moving bio-form footage

Fig: 1

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Fig: 4

Invisible UFO captured in the ultraviolet using an X-Nitee 330nm UV pass filter.

Fig: 5

Invisible UFO captured in the infrared using 720nm infrared pass filter.

Fig: 6

Fig: 5 shows a most bizarre looking invisible UFO captured moving above the rooftops, on May 26th 2014 at 12.40pm. The object was recorded at 25fps using a full spectrum Sony Handycam, fitted with an X-Nite 330nm ultraviolet pass filter. The UFO appeared in three frames before disappearing from view behind the roof, and in this third frame the object is completely illuminated by the sun's rays, revealing the strange rod-like protrusions evident in this photograph.


Fig: 6. This low altitude invisible UFO was captured moving above the treetops at my research area on October 11th 2016, at 6.11pm, using an infrared converted Canon G10 with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. The exposure time for this infrared photograph, which was taken in complete darkness with no flash, was 1/8th second, and it was taken as a result of a Geiger counter indication. At the time of taking the shot the radiation levels had reached and passed the 0.20 micro Sieverts p/h threshold, peaking at just over 0.40 micro Sieverts p/h, one of the highest readings I have ever experienced. The camera which was set up on a tripod was a little way back from the trees, and was aiming up at the tree canopy at an angle of roughly forty-five degrees. The camera's white balance was set to automatic mode, giving the photograph a slight red tint due to the camera's sensors leaning towards visible red, but this has really helped to highlight the different intensities of light/heat, compared with the purely black and white image that results from using the pre-set white balance I normally use for my daytime infrared work. 

Fig: 7

In Fig:7 we see an enlarged version of  Fig:6, which shows the low-altitude invisible UFO I captured above the treetops at my research area, back on October 11th, 2016. The object has several noticeable features, including several unlit sections, as well as darker areas at each end, and it is not clear if the row of lights are in fact part of a much larger flying structure that remains invisible to the infrared. A much smaller object is just about visible above the main UFO, and is only visible to the camera because it is reflecting infrared radiation from the intense light/heat source at the centre of the light row.


Despite the apparent size and brightness of this object, I saw absolutely nothing at the time of taking the shot, nor did I hear or sense anything. This was the second of two infrared photographs which were taken one after another, as a result of a Geiger counter indication, although nothing appeared on the other photograph. It is hard to determine the true size of the object, but the image appeared quite large in the photograph, despite the fact that no zoom was used. Another feature that really stands out to me, are the wire-like strands, which are just about visible on the far left side of the photograph. I have never captured anything like this again during my work with Quest for the Invisibles, but as this photograph shows, there are objects up there, moving invisibly and silently through our atmosphere, and they can be detected and photographed with the right equipment.

Invisible biological UFOs captured in the infrared using 720nm IR pass filter

Fig: 8.

Fig: 8. A group of invisible plasmoidal UFOs move silently in formation above my research area near Oxford, on April 9th 2017 at 8:27pm. The exposure time for this infrared photograph which was taken in complete darkness, with no flash, was 1/8th second, and it was captured using an infrared converted Canon G10. This was the first of three shots that were taken in quick succession as a result of a Geiger counter indication, but the glowing objects only showed in this one photograph.


Although mainly invisible, these manifestations do occasionally become visible in our skies, at which point they are often misidentified as a fleet of physical UFO craft, when in fact they are actually biological in nature, and as so, have probably been existing alongside us since the beginning of time. Luminous coronas can be seen around each of the objects, and one has a noticeable trail, resulting from it's rapid movement during the exposure's 1/8th second time-frame.